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February 19, 2011
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Cheese Contains Dead Babies by Herbivoree Cheese Contains Dead Babies by Herbivoree
You can turn it upside down or right side up. It's ridiculous no matter who says it.

Please note me if you'd like to use this anywhere. I love to share.
Speech bubbles are from stock exchange.

This one is extremely important to me. I went vegan the day I found out what rennet was.
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boomheart900 Apr 1, 2014  Student General Artist no...nononooooo!!!! whyyyy???????
LyonRyan Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not sure, don't think I knew of this with cheeses...
What's rennet? >~<
So, any dairy product kills cows? Please answer! :(
I answered a bit more on your other comment - but in some way a cow will always die to make any dairy product.

Cows that are used to make milk will always be killed when they stop producing milk. To make milk cows need to be pregnant. A female will have 4 babies usually in her lifetime, 2 of which will probably be male. The males will be killed for veal meat when they are 1 month one to half a year old.

To make some kinds of cheeses they use animal rennet which is an extracted part of the intestinal tract of a baby animal like a cow or goat. The animal needs to die for it to be obtained, and the most disgusting part is it's legal for them to keep rennet off of the ingredients list because it's not really an ingredient. They use it to harden the cheese.
Yep - that's why you always need to keep thinking and keep asking questions. Sometimes you find yourself paying for things you'd never want to financially support if you actually knew how they were made.
I never even knew about rennet being used in dairy!That is just way gross! Poor little calves! My mom said that one day that me, my sis, and her would personally stop eating meat products. Cause I am an animal lover and the way animals are being slaughtered does make me sick! And the thing with rennet, people should just make artificial rennet instead of killing a calf.
Just a question. Is it hard to become vegan? Cause people like me who ate dairy and meat would probably have a hard time.
Thank you for looking at my comic and actually thinking about it. ^^ :hug:

They can make artificial rennet, but if they're going to kill the calf anyways, why not use it? The problem is that we live in a meat culture where killing an animal is justifiable if it is the easiest and cheapest method. Even if it wasn't rennet, it would be something else just as bad.

Becoming vegan is very easy. Most vegans ate dairy and meat at some point in their life. ^^ I went vegetarian when I was 17 and vegan when I was 18. It's only hard if you don't do research or ask questions. Sure it can be tricky sometimes, but I love animals so much that it's like - why ever hurt them? If you love them and use that love to give you strength and keep you going being vegan is not only easy but makes you feel great as a person.
You're very welcome!:hug:
People always find an excuse to hurt animals and it's sickening.
Maybe I will eventually become vegan myself =) My mom said we'll start out by stop eating meat. And when we do that, she'll buy a vegan cookbook so we can make some good food with the new diet. And we'll feel even better about ourselves knowing that we are not harming an animal =) It's good to know that being vegan really isn't that hard and that hopefully that's how my family will live. It's a good thing I ran into this comic ^^ Thanks for making this!:hug:
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